Quick & Easy Zucchini Pasta Recipe

In a pot or pan warm oil, sautee onions till light brown. Add all spices and water. Let simmer for 3-4 minutes. Add rest of the ingredients and let it cook till veggies are soft (about 7-10mins). In a separate bowl toss zucchini pasta with olive oil,pepper and garlic. Scoop zucchini pasta on a plate, top with warm sauce and enjoy this heart healthy dish.Cooking Time 30 mins Serves 4


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Praise for Shahnaz

Shahnaz has conviction in the methods that she practices. She is totally immersed in her engagement with her patient. Naturally, the healing process is such a great experience with amazing results. 

Thank you so much for your techniques.


Shahnaz is a gifted light-worker, whose skills will heal with great compassion and offer you answers and guidance to help you reach your goals.


18 months ago a doctor told me I had a slipped disc on the back of my neck at shoulder height. They told me the only way to eliminate the pain and occasional numbness in my arm was to have surgery. I found Shahnaz who worked across the hallway from my office and she started treatment on my entire back and targeted the area on my neck. I have sincerely never felt better. I play tennis all the time now and the pain is gone. If you have an option give alternative medicine a chance, its worth it!

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