My doctor checked my total cholesterol level and it was over 300. The only words of advice offered was to watch my diet and exercise or I will be put on medicine in three months. I asked if they had a diet plan and he responded he had to look. After five minutes of looking he gave me a one page diet plan that was from a drug company. I knew I needed to find help elsewhere. I also knew I needed to change quickly, so the next week I went to a whole foods cooking class for free. Shahnaz was teaching a cooking class and I was immediately impressed. She made it seem as though she was cooking live on a food network tv show. She was extremely knowledgeable, down to earth, and a good hearted person which kept me interested. I checked out her website after I got home and immediately signed up for a consultation. I am happy to say that two and a half months after working with Shahnaz I have lost 13 pounds and my total cholesterol was down below 200. Shahnaz held me accountable every week and made sure I was always working towards my goals. When I went back for the check up my doctor asked what my secret was.

Shahnaz has really helped my husband and myself. We were both a few pounds overweight and not exercising regularly. Shahnaz taught us so much about eating healthier and making the right choices. She also got us on a great exercise program that has really shed the pounds for both of us. Shanaz is very knowledgeable about all different types of food and what they can do to help you with your health as well. She tries to eliminate the need for drugs by eating healthier and exercising regularly. I would highly recommend her services to anyone. She is a dear and I have also found a new friend.