Salima Ramrattan

It was September 2013 and I was at one of the lowest points in my life. Many would say I was quite accomplished, but nobody could really see what was going on in the inside. I was 203 lbs, at least 65 lbs overweight, diagnosed again with prediabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high triglycerides, scared about my white blood cell count being too high and possibly being cancer. These are just a few health issues.

I was achieving high standards at work, but with it came a price. Not knowing when to say no, not being happy, not getting the full benefits of why I was really in this job. Always stressed out, sitting at a desk all day, no interaction with friends or family and no physical activity.

By the time I came home I was exhausted, no time for myself, family, or marriage. Everything in my world was falling apart and I didn’t know how to handle this. It was eating me alive.

The only person I’ve encountered in my life, that I felt I could trust anything to, and not be objectified, was Shahnaz. Something (or someone) told me in my head that she was the answer. I reached out to her by phone a couple of times because I knew I needed a complete change of lifestyle. I needed a trust worthy guide and someone who was willing to help me and only me. She continuously followed up until our first meeting.

I never thought I would cry in my first session. I let it all out. She helped me realize what my main focus in life is now. I have sacrificed all my life to make everyone around me happy, which is great, but at the sacrifice of my own. It just so happened I had to take medical leave from work. She focused a lot of attention on guiding me on what I wanted to accomplish, which was eliminating my stress and just getting healthier.

My weight wasn’t even a focus at this point. My happiness was. She taught me so many tools, to relax, meditate, cook healthier, look at life in a new perspective. I can go on and on. I did tell her that my coke a day habit would be very hard to give up, and have tried in the past.

I took that month of November and completely made it about what I wanted my new goals to be. When I returned to work in December, I was able to still keep up the tools she had taught me.

Now I look at the world in the way she has guided me. I remember I am in a position at work to help people, and so much gratification is felt, and the reward speaks for itself. When I feel any stress, I use the techniques and no longer get overwhelmed. I realize if something negative happens in my life, it is because it is a learning experience, or a much bigger plan is in store for me. I eat much healthier because it purifies my body. I do get the occasional craving to drink my coke, but after the first sip, find it way too sweet and toss the rest! I am thankful for all those around me and for my life. But most of all I am thankful For Shahnaz. Without her guidance, I wouldn’t be this happy after a long time. Everybody has problems, but it’s how you choose to deal with them and how you prioritize your life.

If she can make such a difference in my life in such a short period of time, then I can only imagine what a difference she can make in the world! I truly believe she was an angel sent from above, not to help only me but to help others. Now she has given me the strength to help others but in a different capacity.

Today is January 22, 2014. I went to the doctor and got my blood results. I no longer have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, both sugar and triglycerides have gone down drastically, and I have lost 18 lbs. This was in addition to my goals.

Thank you Shahnaz. I owe you my life, literally.

I love you <3